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Denny Meek is yanked from sleep at 3am by a loud knocking. She opens the door to three police officers. ‘I’m sorry; we need to speak with you. Preferably inside.’ Denny is about to be struck by tragedy – the death of a child. A blow she has now faced three times.

After the crushing loss of an infant son in her mid-twenties, her counsellor suggests Denny keep a ‘Feelings’ diary. The journal excerpts she shares throughout her story articulate her inner journey through domestic violence, single parenting, her daughter’s anorexia, and teen suicide.

With a degree in psychology, a diploma in journalism, and a determination to survive for whichever of her children are left in her care, this heartbreaking yet hopeful book is Denny’s meaning-making journey; the light pulling her through a long ‘dark night of the soul’.

Readers will identify with Denny’s courage and candour as she questions self and society. The strength and sincerity of her spiritual yearning will hearten and inspire as she shows with soul-searching honesty through the depths of her heartbreaks how she’s Still Standing.

Still Standing can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, all good book stores, or here:

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Denny Meek is a ridiculously resilient woman. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to know two generations of her family as they have dealt with tragedies that would break most people’s spirit.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr David Furrows, MBBS (London) FRANZCP

Any book which seeks to encourage bereaved parents to walk with courage through the Valley of the Shadow, back into the sunlight of a new day is a real life-giver.

The Revd Canon Dr Simon Stephens, OBE RN, world founder of The Compassionate Friends

In deconstructing concepts of grief and eloquently rebuilding inceptions, Denny has poignantly changed the landscape for understanding grief. This book is charged with masterful psychology and impressive academic and well-researched content.

Julie Von Grum, managing director of Clinical Engineers Australia

© Denny Meek. All rights reserved.

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